For many years now, Clyde McDonald Photography has specialized in “fashion modeling & pageantry work”, including photographing marketing ad images for retail boutique ‘wear’ vendors; photographing individualized portfolio for people aspiring to further explore modeling acting, performing, & dancing; photographing “pageantry headshots”, portfolio images for “pageantry personality”, & post crowning “crown and sash” shots; and photographing live pageantry events.

Clyde McDonald has worked for a number of retail boutiques photographing their featured wear on models for advertising seasonal wear changes and “look books”, special offers, and ongoing imagery for public awareness via social media. In many cases, Clyde has brought his own models to the photoshoots for the boutiques.

Photographing an effective portfolio set to gain a modeling agency or talent scout’s attention for the client is a bit of a mix of art and savvy. Good photo work in this area gives sharp crisp dynamic images that show the client’s natural beauty, features, & looks, as well as aspects of their personality, and often done in more natural lighting in “on-location” shoots.

Clyde McDonald has photographed live event pageants for Pageant Directors for many years covering all aspects of the competition phases and especially including the crowning moments. Pageant headshots are utilized by each contestant to “market” or present themselves for the pageants. Successful pageant headshots are a glamorous studio-style portraiture affair, where hair & makeup, lighting, & show of personality are essentials.

While Clyde McDonald is not a hair and makeup artist (though he knows & works with some great professional ones), he is astute in capturing that beauty with excellence in imagery, lighting techniques, posing, and bringing out the personalities for real “professional pop” to the finished headshot. Clyde McDonald is highly experienced with professional image editing via pro-photoshop for a glamorous finish to the photos.

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