A Wedding is one of the most special & dynamic events of a young couple’s lives as not only do they become a new family together, but they bring together in celebration two larger groups of family sets that will likely never come together like that again. It is a day than of many memories, rich traditions, hopes and dreams, and on which moments of relationships new & old abound.

Recording such an important event in imagery takes much preparation; a love & understanding of people; a keen artistic eye, a strong sense of anticipation about event sequencing & timing, & a strong balance of being directive enough to get the images desired versus being flexible enough not to disrupt the natural flow of the day & help the couple & families enjoy their day rather than stressing about it.

Great Wedding photography is done both in a photojournalistic manner to “cover the story of the day” & in the highly artistic manner to “give the couple a beautiful keepsake set they will be proud to display”.

Brides are never more beautiful than when they are adorned in their individually selected “gorgeous gown” as an extension of their beauty & personality while anticipating being married to the man they truly love. They radiate that beauty & love in, & their Bridal portrait must show & capture that elegance in this uniquely special time in their lives.

While Clyde McDonald Photography has photographed hundreds & hundreds of weddings & bridal portraits, he never tires or doing them. Although most of them share many similarities, he finds each to be special & unique in its own way.

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